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How do measured pour spouts work?

When managing a bar, supply costs are always a major concern. If bartenders get a little heavy-handed with their drink pours, it can cost the business a lot of money. On the other hand, you don’t want conservative bartenders to alienate customers by making drinks that are too weak. What’s the solution? You can actually […]

What can I pour with a bottle pourer?

What can I pour with a bottle pourer? Bottle pourers can serve any liquid that flows freely. Thus, bottle pourers are extremely useful for pouring free-flowing drinks like liquors, juices, and syrups. However, bottle pourers are dreadful at pouring turgid fluids such as custard. Why use a bottle pourer? Dispensing expensive liquors and other drinks […]

Why do bartenders pour from high up?

To keep it short, bartenders pour drinks from high up for show and for fun. There is no technical reason why pouring a drink from a height is better than pouring it nearer the glass. However, many bartenders opt to “put on a show” to increase their tips. Tips for getting tips One tip is […]

What makes a good pour spout?

How to know when you’re purchasing high-quality pour spouts. What factors contribute to a good pour spout? A good pourer must do these essential things: Keeps air, dust, and other debris out of the bottle Prevent “dribbling” or leakage when pouring Easy to use Keep air, dust, and other debris out of the bottle A […]

What are pour spouts?

A pour spout is a gadget you attach to a bottle to assist in pouring a fixed amount of liquid. Ordinarily, pour spouts look like metallic tubing that runs through a threaded rubber stopper. In certain models (especially liquor bottle pour spouts), a bulb opposite the plug helps measure precise shots. Why use pour spouts? In the bar […]